Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of acquiring web traffic organically. Organic traffic is free traffic, although SEO services can come at a cost. When SEO is done right, a website can rank well in the natural search results, which is the primary list of search results in a web search. Each website in that list on the search engine results page (SERP) is ranked according to relevancy and trust, which is why search engine optimization is so important.

Why Organic Search Results Are Important

Aside from being able to identify the most relevant sites to find the best information, there are other reasons why organic search results are important. They are:

1. Organic is better for traffic delivery – In 2012, Search Engine Watch said that organic wins 94% of the time compared to paid search results. Traffic is an important SEO metric. Increased traffic can lead to sales, especially since the visitor was specifically searching for what the website has to offer.

2. Better control – You have better control over organic results in search engines. While it is true that social media can drive a high amount of traffic, all it takes is one simple change on a site like Facebook to kill that traffic. Several times, Facebook has changed how content is displayed in order to boost its advertising network. In other words, when you take a traffic hit on Facebook, you feel you have to pay to get it back. Social media platforms can keep you inside a marketing box, but SEO and its production of organic results give you much more flexibility

3. The site sticks better – Social media traffic is fleeting and paid ads aren’t always seen. When a good ranking of a landing page is achieved in search engines, the site is more likely to stick, and that makes the site a better long-term customer creator.

4. Cost – The cost of SEO is typically minimal compared to the results that are produced. A lot of work is done to make the site stick well at the top of organic search engine results, but the exposure and the sales are well worth it.

5. Mobile search – One very important point is that mobile users use the personal assistants on their phones to find locations. When a PA like Siri displays results, organic search engine results are listed.

Why Organic Is Better Than Paid Ads

Paid ads can deliver when it comes to conversions, but ads don’t do much for the overall traffic delivery. SEO and paid ads can be combined for an overall better delivery, but organic search results can’t be neglected in the process. Neglecting SEO for the purpose of better organic results leads to significant traffic loss.

As stated earlier, mobile search is very important, and organic search engine results are listed. Paid ads aren’t displayed. The cost of paid ads can also add up very quickly. The keywords that an advertiser must bid on can be very expensive, making it easy to spend hundreds of dollars in a single day.

How SEO Can Benefit a Business

All in all, SEO can benefit all types of businesses of different sizes. Someone performing a voice search on his or her phone can even find a brick-and-mortar store. Because people type in very specific search terms, the exposure from being listed in organic search results can lead to long-term customers. SEO does require ongoing work, but the good news is that it is a cost-effective way to earn more business.

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