Why Fresh Content is Important for Your Website

For years, the phrase has been “content is king,” and that’s because it is. The written content on a website tells search engines and visitors what it’s about. You can integrate targeted keywords into the text, which helps people find what they are looking for more easily.

Web pages are even given “freshness” scores based on when the content was created. This score declines over time, but updating web copy and injecting new content in the form of blog posts can keep that score high, which can aid in how the website ranks on the search engine results page.

Not only are you giving readers the information they are looking for, but fresh content gives you the bump that you need to be found in the first place.

Using Blogging to Create New Content

One great way to create new content is through a blog. You are adding more, which means search engines are going to come and check it out. They love new content because that means they are able to present more information to the people that use their search engines to find what they are looking for.

Changing Core Content

As for core content, you want to make sure you update it. However, you may want to do more than just make little tweaks, because search engines may ignore small changes completely. Giving the main body text a complete facelift will increase content scores and ensure that all information presented is current with the latest keywords used throughout the text. It’s a win-win for you, search engines, and searchers.

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